Saturday, 2 February 2013

FREE Ken Doll

There is a free Ken doll from the Barbie UK club!
If you are from the UK, go here and send an e-card
Once the timer on the club page has finished, you should get the doll in your suite after joining a party.

If you are from anywhere else you will need to use a proxy.
Use: or
Log into stardoll and then paste this into the proxy:

Scroll down to the 'Send a Valentine's E-Card to your friends' and press the 'SEND NOW!' button, you should be re-directed to a new page.

Enter your information & send an E-Card, the doll should be in your suite after joining a party as soon as the countdown has finished (est. 6.30am GMT)
For those of you not in the UK, change the country in the chat to 'Great Britain' and join a party there.

Remember, you will NOT receive the doll until the countdown has finished!

Thursday, 31 January 2013

FREE Monster High dress

If you are from USA, log in and click HERE. Watch  the video.The dress should be in your suite.

If you are from anywhere else, you'll have to use a web proxy, go here:

Paste this into the url bar of the proxy:

Hit enter or Click "Surf" And log into Stardoll.

wait for the page to load again and WAIT a few minutes (it will show that you need Adobe Reader to watch the video, ok?)

The dress will be in a MH bag at your suite in a while