Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Free Puss In Boots Outfit

1. Go to the link below
2. Fill the empty fields with fake information (e-mail must be valid, for example The most important thing is to remeber the Login details - e-mail and password, because you'll need it in the next step)
3. Once you have filled all the fields, click Register button
4. Now click HERE and log in to Stardoll
5. Click on the link below
6. Copy the UserID (everyone has a unique one)

7. Write this link into your URL/link bar:
8. After u= Type/Paste your UserID
9. Hit Enter and wait till page loads
10. Click the orange Enter button and wait till page loads
11. Now enter the email and password you created in step 2
12. Click the orange Login button and wait till page loads
13. Now click the orange Enter button again
14. Wait till page loads
15. Finally, click on this text in the page:
To receive your free Puss In Boots Stardoll gift, CLICK HERE>>
16. You will be redirected to your suite.
If you did everything right, you should find the outfit in 2 Puss In Boots bags in your suite.

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