Friday, 4 May 2012

Free African Dress

If you are from the UK, click HERE and enter the contest.
If you are from anywhere else, you will need to use a web proxy, such as or or or or   
Type in the proxy URL and log in.
Replace the proxy URL with:
Type anything in the boxes and click on Enter Competition. When the page has finished loading, log out of the proxy.
The dress should be in your suite. For the people that are interested to know, yes, this item is sellable.
WARNING: I cannot promise that these web proxies are safe. If in doubt use the manual proxy provided. Please note that sometimes manual proxies do not work. If you do receive pop-up adds, close them immediately and do not click on it or sign up for anything - we cannot guarantee any safe proxies. Please remember to check the date of proxies, old proxies may not be available any more. 

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