Thursday, 20 December 2012

Free Christmas Calender Reindeer Necklace

1)Log in and Go to this page:
2)Pick up the necklace and put it in shopping cart OR Click Add to cart icon
3)Buy it for 0sc
Necklace will be in a Starplaza bag in your suite [:

Free Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift Dress

In real life (her Wonderstruck perfume-advertising video) it truly looks amazing.
So, to get this dress for your medoll -
If you are from UK - Log in and Visit a FB page - HERE
If you are from anywhere else, Follow these steps:
1)Open any UK proxy, like OR OR OR 
2)In proxy's blank URL/Address bar Paste simple stardoll link
3)Click Go/Press Enter button, you'll be redirected to stardoll, Log in
4)Now instead of link on proxy's URL/Address bar Paste this one -
5)Again Click Go/Press Enter and you should be redirected to FB page (it doesn't matter if it says Javascript isn't working/or it doesn't load normally - it's fine)
6)Done, Leave the proxy by closing tab and Go to as usual
Dress should be in a Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift campaign bag 

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