Friday, 12 October 2012

100 Stardollars + 100 Starcoins + 8 FREE Items when Stardoll hits 200 Million Members

There is a new Campaign on Stardoll for the 200 Million Members.
When stardoll hits 200 Million members they will be giving away
100 Stardollars and 100 Starcoins
(ATTENTION: These extra StarDollars will have to be spent within 24 hours from the time stardoll hits 200 Million...probably from the time you will hit "OK,Go". After 24 hours you won't have them anymore)

The campaign page is here:

 Stardoll will be also giving us 8 Free items.
Take a look at them here:

Plus there will be a 50%Sale on everything as we said on previous post so spend you money wisely to the items you really want.

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